Creativity is rebellion

Creativity is change. It’s the fresh and new. It’s connecting things that have never been connected before.

Every single original creative act that you undertake is a strike at the status quo of the world.

Ever wonder why being creative is sometimes such a struggle?

Most people set up their whole lives to maintain the status quo and here you come to change things.

Remember that you are a rebel. If you’re trying to sell a really fresh idea, you either have to face this opposition or go underground and release your ideas gradually or pad them in some acceptable way. Find other rebels and join with them.

Anything you do from inventing a new kind of cupcake to decorating your house with 100 preserved owls is going to challenge people. They are going to call you stupid, wasteful and a dreamer.

No matter how small, truly creative acts are rebellious. Stand strong, you are not alone.

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