The Marketing Seminar

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Last year I took Seth Godin’s The Marketing Seminar for 100 days.

That’s right, an online seminar that lasts more than three months. Crazy, right?

I want to recommend that you take it.

If you are involved in any creative endeavor that you intend to show to other people, you should be concerned about marketing. Multiple participants in the seminar said they learned more about marketing during the 100 days than the did getting their MBA. Not only do you get 50 video lessons from one of the most brilliant marketers working today, but you also get access to the amazing community he and his team have created.

In fact, the most important things I learned in the seminar I learned from interacting with other participants. I got to exercise my marketing muscles and learn about businesses that I would otherwise never have access to. I now know more about quilting and improvisational keyboard than I ever expected.

The generosity of the other participants astounded me. It made me a better marketer. I left charged up with the possibilities of new ideas and the energy that comes from a group of people clicking together into a group mind working on solutions to shared problems and new ideas.

There were CEOs, artists, political activists, storytellers, life coaches, lawyers, and financial advisors. There was even a guy that sells underpants for your hands.

My advice is that you join and make a commitment to participate. Learn to face your fears head on and to present your work to other people confidently and appropriately.

I found it to be a life changing experience and I think you will too. 

The latest iteration of it starts posting content on January 8th, but you can join up until the 17th. (Edited: Since I wrote this review, a couple of iterations of TMS have come and gone. Check Seth’s site for the latest details.)

If you want some insider info, click the purple dot on The Marketing Seminar site for a reduced price.

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