My Head is Like a Factory: Creativity in the Industrial Age


I ran across this chraming poem by Butler Brannan in an old magazine on Google Books. Oringinally published in 1901, it compares creativity to a factory. The brilliant bit is that it acknowledges that we don't always control what the final product of that factory will be.  I think we've all had days when our heads produced nothing but hair.

My head is like a factory,
the windows are my eyes;
The Furnace is my mouth, – you see
I feed it meats or pies.

And when its Hunger I appease
My Head will do its share,
Sometimes producing Rhymes like these
And sometimes only Hair.

3 responses

  1. Nice analogy. But I believe we can always find a way to lure creativity and get over the creative block. Nice blog. Bookmarked!


  2. Hi David,
    your blog is awesome. It has very interesting posts about creativity. But why don’t you post anymore ? The last post is from 2011.
    I need your inspiration :).


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