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If you are interested in animation or cartooning, I think John K’s All Kinds of Stuff Blog is a must read. John K is the creator of Ren and Stimpy and a kind of animation folk hero for not bending to corporate demands to pump out the bland pap that passes for animation these days.  Not only do you get an inside look at the projects he’s working on, but you also get an intelligent discussion of animation in general. Some of the posts read like a manifesto on what makes a good cartoon. The latest discussion raging on his blog is whether or not cartoonists are the only people who should write cartoons. It all began with this quote:

I firmly believed that cartoonists should write cartoons and had convinced Nickelodeon of it. Not every cartoonist can write of course, but only cartoonists should write cartoons – just as only dancers can “write” (choreograph) dances, musicians can write music and sculptors can “write” sculptures.

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