Historical Photographic Reference

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Here’s a great resource if you are writing or drawing anything from the beginning of photography through the 1940s. Shorpy’s is donated copyright free images from the dawn of photography. Not only is an amazingly inspirational thing to add to your RSS feed, but there is also lively discussion of the images. If you have some to add to the pool, they’re always looking for new stuff.

You can even check out the history of cat photography! It existed long before the internet.

Also, I’ve blogged this site before, but their content, scans of copyright free beautiful books, is amazing – Bibliodyssey. They just posted a group of pre-printed envelopes from the Civil War that are worth a look.


Unphotographable – A Catalog Of Missed Opportunities

Notmuch_r10_c5Have you ever seen the perfect picture? You know, the light is just right and the colors are beautiful. You reach for your camera, but you forgot it. Or the camera malfunctions. Or there are security guards and big signs that say, "No pictures!"

Well, Michael David Murphy decided to make a website where he describes all the perfect photographs that he didn’t get.

Here’s one:

This is a picture I did not take of a woman in a green sweatshirt, exiting a public bathroom, eating a hotdog

Read all the beautiful pictures that don’t exist at Unphotographable

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