Searchable Dream Database

Sleep and Dream database is a searchable compendium of user submitted dreams. It is a fascinating look into the psyches of other people. While the search engine itself isn’t very intuitive (it’s designed for scientific use) you can skip down to “choose the words” and pick “free search” to enter any word you want. For example, I typed in robot and got the following dream. 

… I am watching a scene from a movie in which is there is a giant robot that is operated by mad scientist and a baby. They sit inside of its head with the mad scientist sitting towards the front and the baby sitting just behind him. The robot could shoot an electric beam from inside the head over the tops of the baby and the scientist and out the eyes of the robot. Something happens and the robot doesn’t work anymore. The mad scientist is laying on a table while Martin Short, the chiropractor, picks him up and turns him over…  Dream author/haver

You can even fill out a survey and start adding your own dreams. It’s a great way to see what’s going on inside other people’s heads. I was shocked at how many pop culture references were in people’s dreams. I think I need to watch more movies.

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