Write A Manifesto: Creativity Tip

handturkeySometimes a lack of limitations on your art is stifling. Faced with an infinite number of possibilities, your brain refuses to make any decisions. Define down what you’re doing with a manifesto!

At its most base level, a manifesto is a written declaration of your principles and intentions. However, they can be a blast! Not only do you get to set forth what you believe without justifying it, you can also denounce everything you don’t like! You can use it focus your passion and fill yourself with a sense of purpose.

While you are writing it use the strongest possible language. Take a look at this bit from Manifesto of the Futurist Painters:

We will fight with all our might the fanatical, senseless and snobbish religion of the past, a religion encouraged by the vicious existence of museums. We rebel against that spineless worshipping of old canvases, old statues and old bric-a-brac, against everything which is filthy and worm-ridden and corroded by time. We consider the habitual contempt for everything which is young, new and burning with life to be unjust and even criminal.

We are sickened by the foul laziness of artists, who, ever since the sixteenth century, have endlessly exploited the glories of the ancient Romans.

It doesn’t mean you have to start your own artistic movement, you can use that kind of strong language whether you are knitting, styling hair or tracing your hand on a paper plate to make Thanksgiving turkeys.

Something like:

We violently reject the mass-produced Thanksgiving turkey tchotskies available at Hallmark stores. They exist as stagnant nothings without souls. At a time when thankfulness is supposed to be at the forefront of our very beings, instead we find ourselves faced with a tiny feathered tryptophan drenched disappointments. The answer is the power and cosmic beauty of a hand traced turkey! Is not the hand an avenue into the self? Is not coloring in that hand an expression of all the is good? Making a hand turkey is a celebration of thankfulness that will resound across the universe.

And so on…

Here are a couple more examples:

The Surrealist Manifesto

DADA Manifesto

If you need any help, just comment and I’ll be happy to contribute to your manifesto.

14 responses

  1. hi there, i have to write a manifesto on the topic technology and social isolation. any ideas on how to approach this topic?
    thank you in advance for your time!


  2. I Am struggling to make write a manifesto for my protest group..We will be protesting the masters golf tournament on behalf of the silenced masses in the deep south due to years of practiced and institutionalized bigotry and greed. Please help. themarchingnovemberists.blogpsot.com


  3. Hi I am writeing an Art manifesto is it ok to also sample some ideas from other Art manifeso because I agree with some of the words of the Stuckist and would like to some how intigrate it my Manefesto.


  4. Please can you help me with a manifesto because have been nominated by my singing group to be the assistant general secretary but dont know how to go about it. The manifesto is today.is it possible to get it now?


  5. i have to write a manifesto on my own personal beliefs, life goals and intentions etc but have no clue where to begin. have any suggestions?


  6. I need to write a 500 word manifesto for my history class, the assignment states to Write a 500-word manifesto in which I would argue against the actions of the Red Guards. What alternatives do you propose instead? Try to adopt the tone of a committed political revolutionary in your writing. I think this will be challenging to approach because I did not live it. How do I begin, Please help. Thank you


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