Warm up for being creative

If you are going to exercise, you have to do some stretches to warm up. You don’t just throw your body into high gear immediately.

Why don’t we warm up for being creative?

I think some of the same physical warm ups are useful. Taking a walk or stretching before you start working definitely gets the blood flowing. Treat it like it’s a physical activity and you’ll find yourself more alert and focussed.

Then, there warm ups you can do with your brain. These are more personal. I know people who mentally warm up for the day by doing a crossword puzzle. Other people read a few chapters of a book or doodle on a pad.  I even know  one person who makes up  new nicknames for politicians that make him angry as he listens to the news on the way to work.

I find for me that talking to other people is an important part of starting to communicate. I tend to start the day inside my head and I need something to pull me out.

What warm ups work for you?

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