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  1. And then you have to unlearn everything they “taught” you to do it professionally, because, basically, the teacher was a failed artist, not a successful one. C’est la vie.


  2. I’d hate to see art funding cut in schools, but this suggests it would be a good thing. Where did you guys go to school anyway?


  3. I went to school in Columbus Ohio. I don’t think art funding should be cut, but I also think the value of what they teach should be expanded. School is not designed to made you think differently, it’s designed to fill you head with the information you need to pass standardized tests.
    I always learned more in free time than I did in class. With a few exceptions.


  4. So, you’re saying the cartoon really should have had a politician with a leash around the teacher’s neck, whip in hand, telling her what to say. I never met a teacher that thought standardized testing was good for kids or education. I graduated before standardized testing, and my daughter is young enough that she hasn’t been impacted yet.


  5. Partially, but I also remember failing an art assignment in the first grade because I had been told to color a building red and instead used the more brick colored crayon. The note at the top said, “Follow directions.”


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