Enthusiasm – possessed by an idea


Successful creative people have boundless enthusiasm for their work. It gives them pleasure even if it’s difficult or painful. They are swept away in a trance that causes them to deny any doubts they might have about what they are doing.

The word “enthusiast” originally meant a person possessed by a divine being. In other words, a feeling beyond faith or doubt. Being an enthusiast meant becoming one with the object of your belief.

Do you have enthusiasm for your work?

Put yourself aside while you work and literally become possessed by your idea. You will have no doubt because you aren’t discovering something outside yourself, you are just describing what you have momentarily become.

We’ve all heard about characters who take over stories or pieces of wood that tell a sculptor what shape they contain. These are just descriptions of the momentary possession of enthusiasm.

Use your moments of doubt during revision, but during creation be an enthusiast.

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