Creativity tip: choose an audience

The process of creation involves an endless number of decisions and its easy to get hung up. A single moment of doubt can bring everything to a halt when you are presented with a series of seemingly equally good choices.

If you find yourself in this situation, why not just choose an authority figure you trust and make that person your audience? I don’t think you should actually show what you’re doing to that person, just do what you think they would enjoy most. You don’t even have to know the person to use this method. You can pick a critic or another artist and design for them.

Billy Wilder, a fantastic movie director, so trusted the instincts of filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch that whenever he needed something for whatever he was working on he would ask, “How would Lubitsch have done it?” He even hung a sign in his office with this question to remind himself of its importance.

Decide who your Lubitsch is and use them as your intended audience when you are stuck for a decision. When you choose someone who has standards and taste at least as high as your own, asking that question can only make you better.

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