Change your creative energy

Does the project you’re working on seem dull and lifeless? Have you lost interest in it! Change the energy!

Too often we get so bogged down in the original emotion and inspiration for an idea that we forget having some contrasting bits will improve the entire piece. If you’re writing something really depressing, try adding some humor. Even in Shakespeare’s most tragic work he has funny characters and scenes. If you’re working with a muted colors, try a touch of brightness. Not only will it draw attention to some important detail, but it also makes the rest of the piece look that much darker.

You can also change your own personal energy. If you have been working slowly, try working quickly. If you have been creating on the computer, try working with pencil and paper. If something makes you feel angry, try working from happiness.

Even the worst heavy metal album has power ballads between the head-banging thrashers. Not only does it attract more female fans, it also makes the rocking songs seem that much more brutal.

Change up your energy!

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