An audience of one: working alone in quarantine

My new coworkers

What happens when your usual audience isn’t there? The pandemic has created an interesting problem for people in creative jobs. The team that would usually give you feedback or be there to support you is either unavailable or only available in a limited way. Even if it’s just a series of delays and video meetings, the way your team works has changed.

For me, I have had to step up being my own audience. I have to laugh at my own jokes, which is as uncomfortable as it sounds. No longer can I try out three or four marketing ideas quickly and get feedback on what works.

So far, that means those ideas are more conservative. I am still working on trusting myself to go to the edges of acceptable without trusting someone else to let me know if I’ve crossed a line. Also, it means not discarding ideas immediately, but saving them to try when I can run them by someone else.

Also, as you can see in the picture above, I have set up a series of cyclopean coworkers to look at me while I work. Just being able to use them as a mirror, they’ve got a pretty weird point of view, lets me be a bit freer in my flights of fancy. Their judgmental gaze also helps keep me on task.

How about you? Have you had any problems with your creative life in quarantine? Do you have any solutions that have helped you work more effectively? If you already work alone, do you have any advice?

One response

  1. Hello Creativity-Creative and Creative-Creativity: I like to reverse things, arrange new ideas or new monocular monobots in different formations. —>> Try the small cyclopean coworkers starting at you in back. Their frustration with their bigger coworkers might frustrate them. Then, those frustrations might tell you something different. You can add office space drama to their discussions of your creative work. I’m one of the quiet cyclopean coworkers, the shy fellow who is stuck in back struggling to share my ideas. Maybe put the little ones on pedestals and switch up their place. Just let your mind wander a bit and new subconscious input might come to you. when to share their ideas in the hierarchy of cyclopean coworkers. it is tricky to work with the endless taffy making machine….Stretch things back and forth till al dente. Creativity is never done. But it can be felt good texture to the tooth


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