Use Body Position To Remember

Cognitive Daily has an interesting article on the connection between body position and memory. There was a study that proves that being in a matching body position to the one you were in the memory helps you to remember. In other words, if you are trying to remember something that happened while you were tying your shoes, you should lean over and tie your shoes while you try and remember. According the study, you’ll remember it more quickly and in more detail.

The conclusion is this:

Dijkstra’s team believes that the effect may be due to the way memories are stored in the brain: one theory of memory suggests that memories are composed of linked sensory fragments — odors, sights, sounds, and even body positions. Simply activating one or more of those fragments makes the entire memory more likely to be retrieved. In any case, if you’re trying to recall a particular incident in your life, putting your body in the right position might help you remember it faster and more accurately. The key appears to be your body position when the memory occurred. So if you’re trying to remember, say, the 1993 World Series, unless you were at the game, the way to access that memory would probably be to sit on your living room sofa holding a cold beer.

Use this to your advantage when you are creating. If the ideas aren’t coming, change your position. Posing or moving a particular way will set off a whole other series of memories and experiences. Too often we create while in the same position, for instance leaning over a computer keyboard. According to this study, this would only help you to remember other times you were trying to create, not other events or emotions in your life.

Click here for article

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