Packaging as Content

The title to this post is the tag line to an interesting blog called box vox. Box vox is dedicated to the meaning and art of the packages that contain the things we consume. The perfect package makes what’s inside it more desirable. Lets face it, some things we buy just because the package is so amazing we can’t help it.

What if, for your next creative project, you created the packaging for it before you created the content? Imagine how easy it would be if you already knew the size and shape of what you were going to create. You’d know the name and maybe even the list of ingredients.

If you don’t want to create your own, use another package and fill it. What’s inside will be uniquely yours! If you want to write a book or story, find a book cover that’s evocative to you and write what would go inside. The same goes for old movie posters, advertisements and album covers.

For me personally, the best thing is to find an awesome package with a bad product. That way, you can create something that finally lives up to the promise of its packaging.

Less disappointment in the world is a good thing!

One response

  1. There is a small underground movie company that uses this process. The results? Movies like Gingerdead Man, Evil Bong, and Assault of the Killer Bimbos.
    My fear is that by designing the packaging in advance you are designing a space without knowing what your needs are. Its wrong to judge a book by its cover. BUT I can see how making your own cover more desirable can inspire you to match the inside of whatever you are creating to reflect the outside.


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