Articles Referenced In The NPR Interview

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I thought I would post some links to articles and ideas I talked about on the air.

First of all, we never got around to explaining my intro. It was referencing two articles on attaching magical powers to objects. You can read them here and here.

Create a James Lipton of your very own.

Orson and Ed.

Here are five quick tips on creativity.

Here’s a link to page with all the creativity tips.

Here are links to the Yodelling Pickle and Deluxe Jesus Action Figure.

4 responses

  1. Fun to hear your voice!
    And plenty of food for thought:
    “What happens when you run out of bacon products and you come up against a wall?”
    “There was no way we were going to sell 50,000 hopping yodeling lederhosen.”
    Must export the yodeling pickle to Canada!


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