Don’t save your best ideas for later: creativity tip

There’s a concept floating around that each person gets only a limited number of ideas in their lifetime.

Maybe no one ever says it out loud, but they treat their own ideas that way.

Instead of using their great ideas as they have them, people squirrel them away and store them on an idea shelf in their heads where they gather dust. And there are only so many ideas you can fit on that shelf, so instead of constantly coming up with new ideas, they just wander over to the dusty mind shelf and look at the great ideas they’ve never used. Afraid that if they use them, there will be a terrible empty spot on the shelf that will never be filled.

But, we know that’s wrong. The truth is that as soon as you use your best idea, you come up with a better idea. Burning through them quickly lets you cycle through ideas at top speed.

Even writing an idea down in a notebook will let you come up with a new idea. It’s amazing what clearing your mind of a little clutter will do.

Do a little mind cleaning and act on all the “great ideas” that are sitting on your dusty idea shelf. I promise you, you’ll have more great ideas than you can use in your lifetime.

And no one lives forever.

That’s probably the best reason for using your best ideas right now!

(you know, death)

2 responses

  1. Great article! Its something like saving a lot of money and never use it…You only get more greedy. or maybe not 😀
    Anyways thanks for this, love this blog too


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