Photo inspiration

One way of describing creativity is finding new connections between previously unconnected thoughts and ideas. Of course describing it this way doesn’t take into account the importance of choosing the ideas you want to connect.

Here’s a cool way to get some inspiration for connections, random pictures.

Here are a few sources for random pictures:

Flickr’s latest photo page
: The latest pictures taken by people around the world. (For random pictures from the whole database, click here. They’re displayed like a three panel cartoon.)

Latest live journal pictures
: Pictures from public live journal posts as they are uploaded. Click on the picture to see the journal entry it’s from.

People doing stuff
: Hit the button and  this cool site finds a random proper noun doing a random verb. (Like “Scott whistles” or “Carl begs”.)

Be careful with all these sites, occasionally work inappropriate images will come up.

You can use them in lots of ways, either to pick and choose what you find useful or to run the first two pictures together. Or if you have a problem in mind, just connect it up to pictures until you get a solution.

Plus, it’s really fun to see what other people are up to!

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