Creative compound interest

It’s easy to get caught up in the search for the next big idea, but don’t disregard finding an improvement for an existing idea.

A simple 1% improvement to an existing project might not seem like a lot, but if you continue to find small improvements, it eventually becomes something completely different. In fact, using this attitude everywhere in your life can help you develop a constant creative outlook.

Most people only focus their energies on things that are broken, but why not focus on improving things that are working? Don’t wait for a problem, make it your attitude to always be improving.

For writers, editing and rewrites are built into the project. A hundred tiny changes can turn something mediocre into something great.

It’s just like compound interest for a bank account. These tiny improvements don’t just add to an idea, but add to the principal and earn more interest with each new improvement.

Businesses use the Japanese philosophy Kaizen as a model for improving themselves. Some people find this kind of structured gradual improvement to also be helpful in developing their personal skills.

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