Managing talented, smart people

Did you ever read something, have it stick in your head and then not remember where you read it?

Well, it happened with me and this essay called, How To Manage Smart People by Scott Berkun. I read it years ago and quoted it to lots of people, but couldn’t remember the source. Then, a friend who knew I was looking for it, emailed me a link. Now, I pass it on to you.

It’s full of great advice about managing people who are smart and talented, but it had one question that stuck in my head. It suggests that the best question to ask your brilliant talented employee was, “What do you need from me in order to kick ass?”

For most of us, in our creative lives, we are our own managers. We decide how we work and where and what we work on. Have you ever asked yourself, what do I need from me to kick ass? Then seriously tried to answer it?

It might be something simple like easily accessible caffeine or more time alone. Or, it could be more complicated and emotional. In any case, it’s one way to help yourself live up to your creative potential. And, if you manage creative people, a great question to ask them as well.

What do I need from me to kick ass?

Read the essay here

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