Make the world amazing for someone else

Today, exercise your power of creativity to influence the world. Make the world amazing for someone. It doesn’t matter if you know them or not or if you see the outcome of what you do. Give them a story they can tell their friends that has no easy answer.

Hide a $20 bill in a library book about working your way out of debt. Set up a diorama of tiny plastic animals outside a stranger’s front door. Call a random number from the phone book and tell whoever answers that they are fantastic and that everything is going to turn out alright. Put a copy of Mad Magazine inside a Wall Street Journal. Make a poster that looks like a lost pet poster that says, “This Cat Is Safe At Home – If You See Him, Get Out Of My House – $50 Reward.” Invent a new catch phrase and spend all day trying to get other people to say it. Ask them to page Tom Hanks at the supermarket and when they ask you if it’s “the Tom Hanks” tell them it is.

Do anything you can think of that will make someone pause for a moment and consider how strange and wonderful the world can be.

2 responses

  1. Great ideas! I’d also add sending mail art to this list. Recycle used envelopes or unique boxes to create an unnusual shaped piece of snail mail that surprises the recipient and the mail carrier.


  2. Thanks! I hadn’t seen your blog before, so I signed up for your feed.
    My work, Archie McPhee, used to send hand chairs through UPS. There was no packaging on the chairs, just a giant hand with a UPS sticker on it. UPS drivers were constantly calling to order one from us after they delivered one!


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