Unlimiting creative limitations

Most creative people are familiar with their limitations. They know that they aren’t great at drawing noses or they are self-conscious about their ability to write dialog. But, if you look at the people whose work you enjoy, aren’t their limitations one of the reasons you enjoy them?

Liking a work of art is a lot like having a friend. You have standards for friendship, certainly, but you don’t expect your friends to be perfect. In fact, you probably like your friends more because of their faults. Maybe you share a similar fault and it makes you more familiar. Maybe you make up for one another’s faults and can depend on one another to make each other better.

If you make the same mistakes repeatedly and anything you repeat becomes a pattern, then patterns in your work are what constitute your style. So, your limitations are a big part of your style.

As long as you recognize the flaws and present what you do well confidently, your audience will find you. And who knows, some of them may love you more for your imperfections.

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