The end result of creation, a thought

Our culture is created through consensus, we live in a wiki-reality. Most people don’t take advantage of what little power they have to effect change. The vast majority simply choose between the options presented to them rather than making their own options. They give their power over the world to companies and television networks and film studios.

If you believe that every action taken or object created impacts the rest of the world and changes perception, which I do, what does that mean to the individual who chooses to create?

If you only create things you love, that reflect your passions and ideas, and then send them out into the world, it’s an attempt on your part to make the world more like you want it to be.

If you create things that you don’t like, that don’t excite or interest you, but that you think will appeal to other people, you are just reinforcing what you don’t like about the world.

The things that make the most change both appeal to other people and reflect an individual’s view of the world they would like to live in. Audience equals impact.

There is more money to be made in reinforcing the culture than in trying to change it. So, if we leave it to companies to decide the future, it will be as similar as possible to the way we are right now.

Is this something you consider when you’re working?

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