How to feel miserable as an artist

Keri Smith has a great blog. She also has a page that collects her “how to” and inspirational pieces which are indispensable. The one that has stuck with me the most is her list of ways to feel miserable as an artist.


My favorite is  “base your success on one project.” It reminds of me of a guy I knew in a creative writing program that had one “professional level” short story and wasn’t going to write another until the first one sold. I had three courses with him and he just kept brining the same story. He rewrote it over and over again.

Another important thing to remember is doing only work that will please your family. This is an impossible task. Your work will be used as a mirror by your family and whatever you produce they’ll compare to their own image and decide what you’re trying to say about them. Good luck with that!

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