A quick summary of every book about succeeding in business

Have an idea.

Pursue that idea with every ounce of will and strength you have.

If you don’t succeed, take what you’ve learned and apply that to the idea. Make the idea better and try again.

Repeat until you succeed.
I was talking to a friend of mine and she compared succeeding  (in acting and writing but I think it applies to everything) to hitting your head against a brick wall until you finally break through it. Most people just coexist with the wall and learn to lean against it for support. That wall is a great excuse for staying right where you are.

But, she said, it’s totally worth it to keep slamming against it. The people who make fun of you for doing it are going to be asking you for work as soon as you get to the other side. They’ll also be talking about how much smarter they are than you and more talented and how they deserve what you have. But it doesn’t matter, because you’ve already found another brick wall and you’ve already started slamming your head against that.


If you want success, especially financial success, learn to love slamming your head against that brick wall!

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