Best productivity tip: disable your inner-critic

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There was a challenge at instigatorblog to write your best productivity tip and link to other tips you felt were helpful.

My best tip is to…

Turn off your inner-critic for the first pass: When you are writing or sketching or designing something, let yourself do a quick first pass at it without criticizing it. Let your mind wander and be free. Once you have a complete rough, it’s much easier to go back and edit something toward perfection than it is to try to create something perfect the first time through.

Don’t be paralyzed by perfection!

After you’ve written your first draft, let your critic go crazy on it until it is good enough.

I wrote about a metaphor for this idea, the one I use, in The Two Faces of Creativity, Orson and Ed.

Here are links to some more great productivity tips.

Unplug! From Daily Blog Tips
Have fun! Kiss2


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  1. Since I had to squelch my negative inner voice, I know whereof you speak. I selected yours to include on the post I just wrote for Ben’s meme. Thumbs up for a grat post, David.


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