Design your own propaganda, for you!

There are corporations out there spending billions of dollars to make you buy what they have to sell. They are pitching you toothpaste, cars and movie stars constantly. There is hardly a place left in the world that isn’t covered in advertising. Why not use all this propaganda as an opportunity to advertise for yourself? Surely you can use the same advertising methods to fill your brain with how awesome you are.

Spend a little time today designing advertising for yourself! Make a poster of yourself with just the word “genius” at the bottom. Here’s a website where you can use to do it easily. Then, write your bio as if you had a high-powered PR agent who puts a positive spin on everything. Leave out anything you want and make sure that anything positive is slightly exaggerated.

In fact, write a whole campaign commercial that you can play in your head. Start with your rough beginnings. No matter how good you had it, make it sound like you had to struggle. Then, pick out every positive thing you have done to work toward your goals. Hire that guy who does all the movie trailers to talk about how great you are in an over the top way. Let the commercial end with you surrounded by your greatest accomplishments.

Don’t stop there. Project yourself in the place of products in all the advertising you see or hear. All the adjectives they attach to the product actually apply to you! You are sweet-smelling, delicious and you can help people save money on their mortgage!

Every instance you see today where someone is trying to make you feel good about their product, turn it into an opportunity to make you feel good about yourself.

Take control over the propaganda in your life!

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