What should I say? – Help with writer’s block

The actual use for What Should I Say is for you to post situations where you don’t know what to say or help other people come up with what you think they should say. You know, it’s like having a group of friends giving you bad advice.

The next time you’re stuck while you’re writing, type the situation into this site, sit back and wait for the bad advice to start flowing in. Bad advice is great advice for characters. It means they’ll do the wrong thing and you’ll have plenty of drama.

Here’s one piece of advice:

What do a say to a friend who consistently breaks her promises? These promises are mostly things she offers to do, not things I request of her.

I would say, sort of poke fun at it next time she makes a similar promise. Like “Oh really!” or “yeah, sure”. Be sure to do it in the most playful, least offensive and least confrontational way. “Can i expect that by next year?” Something along those lines, I guess. Joke about it, that way it communicates your position on it in the least hurtful way. She’ll get the idea.

Great advice! Passive aggression always works in situations like that. It lets you raise the tension of the situation without actually dealing with it. Usually, you get three or four different pieces of advice, so you might get a character option you haven’t thought of yet.

If you are feeling kind, go give advice to the kids in the romance section. They need to know how to tell a girl that you like her…

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