Creative advice from Ed Wood Jr. – conquering the big white glob

Ironically, Ed Wood wrote a book on how to be a successful writer in Hollywood. Here are a few select quotes from Ed Wood on writing.

So you want to be a writer? OK. Be one.

The main idea is to keep writing. No matter what it is. Keep at it because even if your story gets worse, you will be getting better. You’ll sit and dream most of the time, but you must first conquer the big white glob with the typewriter imprints.

It’s terrible to me to hear someone say about someone else’s work, “Ahh, that stinks!” Yet the critic probably couldn’t ink his way out of a paper bag. You put it on paper. Good, bad, or indifferent. At least you had the guts to put it there.

Ed Wood, Jr.

Hollywood Rat Race

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