Random Idea Generators For Writers

Seventh Sanctum provides a series of idea generators. Most of them were designed for use in fantasy role-playing games, but they also have a section specifically for writers. Now, you probably won’t use anything you get directly out of one of these generators, but there’s a lot to start you thinking.

They have one that basically gives you a Hollywood pitch by envisioning an existing story in a new form. Example result:

The story of Gulliver’s Travels being about a group of hackers.

Another gives you an entire story. Example:

This is a documentary-style story with an emphasis on defeat and the oddities of the human condition. The story is about a cartographer. It takes place in a ghost town on a desert world of magic. The story begins with a discovery. The issue of abortion plays a major role in the story.

Lets not forget characters:

The striking, bloodthirsty police chief who is a complete fraud.

Take a look at all of them, a great way to get your thoughts churning.

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