My new podcast: Baffling Cyclops

I’ve started a new project that’s going to overlap with this blog! My wife Pepper Proxy and I are doing a podcast called Baffling Cyclops. Baffling Cyclops is going to be a discussion of whatever I’m obsessed with that week. It’s intended to be a fun, funny conversation about weird stuff. 

Future episodes will cover crow funerals, cults, clowns, creativity, and Dandan noodles. The open-ended concept means that if we go off on a tangent, and we do go off on tangents, it can still be an entertaining story or topic. If I feel like it relates to creativity or marketing enough, I’ll also follow up with a post. 

You can listen on Apple Podcast, Pocket Casts, or wherever you prefer. Just search for “Baffling Cyclops” and it will appear! If you’re not into podcasts, we’re also uploading the episodes to YouTube so you can listen to them on a background tab. 

The first is an expansion of the story I wrote about serving Mick Jagger in a toy store. I cherry-picked details for the essay I wrote and this goes into more detail about Mick and the store where I worked. Not only that, but you get to hear about the time Pepper got fired from her job as a Christmas elf. 

I’ve embedded the episode at the end of this post.

You can also sign up for the show notes in newsletter form. The notes will include pictures and links to topics mentioned for further exploration. 

We hope you’ll join us!

(Cyclops art by Steve Quenell)

Scary bats, Andy Warhol, and MSCHF Baffling Cyclops

Our neighbors warned us that their costumes were scary and they were right! Also, talking about MSCHF's latest project commenting on the value of art versus the revenue that art produces. 

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