How can I make this more fun?

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While on a long plane ride, I thought of a great question to ask to spur creativity. How can I make this more fun? Helper monkeys instead of stewardesses? A game show of some kind with prizes? The stewardesses getting together and giving a trophy at the end of the flight to the best passenger? Maybe if the seats were far enough apart that you didn’t actually have to rub up against the person next to you. That would have improved my fun!

Now, you might not be able to actually do the thing necessary to make a situation more fun, but it’s great to recognize that the possibility for fun exists.

One situation that stumped me, how could airport security be more fun?

3 responses

  1. “how could airport security be more fun?”
    Everyday, security decides on a Mystery Item.
    If they find it in your bag, you win a prize!
    Also, when they check your shoes for explosives, someone should give you a foot massage.


  2. Back before 9/11, we used to play a game where you had to end as many sentences as possible with “…if you know what I mean” when going through customs. Of course, that was back when the worst that would happen would be a delay. Now there’s always the chance of incarceration without due process. Good luck making that more fun.


  3. You know I support free prizes for any reason! That would be fun. Foot massage from a stranger would freak me out.
    Tony, I’m afraid of even sounding sarcastic in the security line.
    One of the lines I went through had a sign that said, “No Joking Under Any Circumstance: You Will Go To Jail!”
    I think taking down that sign would be a good first step toward making it more fun…


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